Thursday, April 19, 2012

Select the right photo for your canvas print

Print a precious photograph onto canvas and bring a personal touch to your home or make someone's day with a memorable gift. Canvas prints allow you to create your very own wall decoration, displaying an image that is personal to you. Selecting the best picture is essential however, if you want a striking print.

If you are choosing a photo to decorate your own home, then decide first where you would like to hang it. Take into account the space you have available on the wall and decide on the size of your canvas print. Remember, too, that using a series of prints in a group can provide an original way to display photos on a similar theme.

Hold off choosing the image for your canvas print until you have thought about your existing dcor. Some images or themes will work better with certain styles; others may clash and appear incongruous. Don't forget to think about colour schemes, too, again, to avoid any clashing.

You will make things easier for yourself if you decide on the

Select the right photo for your canvas print

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