Monday, April 23, 2012

The Art Of Taking Portrait Photographs

Portrait photography is a lot more than just taking a person's photo. It is an art. It aspires to expose the personality of the subject through his reactions in several situations. The images on our passports, driver's permit and other official files may belong in this category, but there is more to portrait photography than haste photos. The finest portraits are those that show the subject's personality while evoking reactions from the spectators.

There are two components in shooting a great portrait photo, which are lighting and the pose. Since the focus of every picture is on the subject, the background is optional, with some photographers opt for a plain white backdrop. The backdrop should aid in bringing out the reactions of the person, not switch the attention of the photo.

The objective is to show the subject's emotion, character, and even mood. Some picture can do this by featuring only the face of the subject, while others reveal emotions better by including the entire

The Art Of Taking Portrait Photographs

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