Monday, March 12, 2012

Trick Photography & Special Effects

You do not need years of taking photos and you don not even need a really expensive state of the art camera. All you need is the will and passion to look beyond photographs and what you can make them into. With Trick Photography you can create trick pictures with out photo techniques.

With our Trick Photography eBook we will teach you the necessary Photo Techniques to take breath taking Trick Pictures with your digital camera by following these simple steps.

Module 1 - Helping you get to grips with mastering the settings of a high definition digital camera these are shutter speed, ISO and white balance. These simple but essential setting that you must know and we take you through simple steps for learning. Do not worry it sounds complicated but with our Trick Photography eBook learning guide you will be learning how to work the camera like a professional in absolutely no time at all.

Module 2 - Using HDR Photography turns dull lifeless pictures into full in-depth colours that

Trick Photography & Special Effects

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