Thursday, July 19, 2012

Improving Your Photographs with Polarizing Filters

The Benefits

By becoming familiar with a polarizing filter, you can greatly your results as a nature or still life photographer. Benefits of a filter include the ability to darken the sky, remove bright reflections from the sky, and to make any reflective surface less shiny. This is the only filter that works with color film in order to also enhance color saturation as well as taking care of the other important aspects.

Since the polarizing filter blocks out distracting rays while allowing desired light to pass through, it truly is an effective filter for your photography. It does this through a system of filters that are actually set at right angles to each other in order block out certain light rays. Yet, because of this design, it will be necessary to adjust the angle at which you shoot so that you can capture your subject in the best light possible.

How to Work with the Filter

Even though some mistakenly believe that you can't use a rangefinder camera with a polarizing

Improving Your Photographs with Polarizing Filters

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