Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reasons To Buy A New PolyStinger LED Flashlight

Many people buy flashlights to use in emergencies like the lights going out home during a storm or if the car breaks down at night. While many people purchase the traditional battery powered flashlights, there are other options available. Many people, as well as companies, choose to buy a new PolyStinger LED product because of their long lasting durability.

This flashlight is made to be durable and have long lasting capacity with three different power levels, as well as a strobe function. Fully charged, it will last up to seven and half hours at the lowest level or two and a half on high. The modes are controlled by a microprocessor cased within the body of the flashlight.

The flashlight has a variety of available chargers that work off of 110 volt power or that can be plugged into the power source of a vehicle. Unlike incandescent products, there are no bulbs to break if dropped and the casing for the Poly Stinger brand are made of tough nylon polymer. The flashlight is made to

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